How you can get involved

We are constantly working to spread the word about Amargur but we would welcome your help.

Whether you attend temple, mosque or church you can help us by raising funds to sponsor more children. Why not organise a collection during your service, a Mela in your local area, sponsored hymns or even a cake sale, it’s amazing how much money such events can raise!

We can provide collection tins and posters to promote your event so please call us on 0208 560 2010 or e-mail us at

Why not raise funds by organising a lunch at work. Everyone can bring in their favourite dish and people who want to enjoy the food can make a donation to Amargur. A great way to enjoy food from around the world.

Swap suits and formal wear for jeans and trainers on Dress Down Fridays. Ask you colleagues to donate £1 to Amargur in return for a more relaxed day at the office!

Mufti days are always a big hit with school children. They just love the opportunity to throw off their uniforms and ‘dress to impress’ their friends! Charge each child 50p or £1 for the privilege.

All children love treats or cakes so why not organise a bake sale.

Keep children fit and let them have fun by participating in sponsored sports events.

There are many, many ways to raise funds for Amargur and we would be delighted to help in whatever we can so please
call us on 0208 560 2010 or e-mail us at



100% of donations reach the children directly.

Help us continue our good work by making a donation, however small. Because education makes all the difference in the world. Thank you.

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