What we do...

Amargur was created to help eradicate the poverty and inequality of opportunity many of the world's poorest children face today. We want to transform the lives of these children and their families through education. Many of these families simply can’t afford to give their children the life chances we all too often take for granted. For these children, even a basic education is a luxury beyond their reach.

Your donations help us to place children in schools and provide them with vital resources to help them learn. Your donations to provide schools access to cutting edge classroom resources such as interactive whiteboards and computers.

We work with the children to help them to develop their confidence, self-worth and social skills. For us, education is the key and together we can help build a generation that will break through the vicious cycle of poverty to fulfil their true potential - irrespective of caste or class.

Armargur is different because of the way that we work. All our team donate their time and expertise on a voluntary basis and this cost saving allows us to guarantee that 100% of all donations reach those they were meant to help. This means we can sponsor more children through school and, ultimately, help give them a brighter future.

We are proud to have sponsored 46 children to date

That's why, for us, education is the key.


100% of donations reach the children directly

Help us to continue our good work by making a donation now. Thank you.

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